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The Hunt for Gr@phic Novels

by Chris Adams

About Me:

I am a keen fan of Graphic Novels and comic book material, I even enjoy creating my own graphic material (by graphic I only mean of the anime variety).

In 1997 I went to college and studied IT and business administration, however I was also nominated as managing director of a small enterprise we had going on within the college. I ended up neglecting my main subjects and put the enterprise up as my main priority.

The Hunt Begins:

I have decided that it's about time I put some of those skills I learnt in college to use.  I am hoping to start up my own online shop, selling graphic novels. For those of you who may not know graphic novels are not graphic in a sexual way as many often presume, but are just comic books with a lot more pages and generally retail around 8-15 each.

What I am looking for:

I am looking around for publishers or suppliers who will be able to sell me such Items (or anything close) in small bulk so I can retail them. So far I am not having much luck. You could class this as an advertisement or a desperate plea, either way if you feel you could help me in anyway whatsoever please don't hesitate to contact me adams_chris121@hotmail.com. Any help will be appreciated.

If in any way you can help me here are some of the titles I am interested in selling:

Thank you for your time

Chris Adams