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Danetti Awareness

The thing is, Danetti is distinguished by being one of the first merchants to have become aware of the good and bad in affiliate marketing. So, as you can imagine, we are quite fond of Danetti for such realisation! It's important to realise when you're looking around Zyra's website, this is an affiliate website where there is none of that PPC Nonsense, and no Incentived Leads. Also, I can tell you now, the folks at Danetti are horrified to find affiliates making false claims that there are VOUCHER CODES for Danetti! There are NO VOUCHER CODES. It is surely deception to claim such? Well you can see what we think of voucher codes here!

Instead of all that hype and nonsense that's already going out of fashion in a kind of dot-com-bubble-has-burst kind of a stylie, Danetti is a company that is aware that the future of affiliate marketing is TRUE CONTENT. It's going to get like A W Rust and like those cunning Data Rescue Companies who all seem to have this thing sussed a while back!

We believe that it's not just going to be some silly search-engine-obfuscation kind of stuff, but REAL CONTENT, as Danetti are a bit like Harveys and Marks and Spencer and John Lewis, and they're going to try to outshine some of their competition by being more keenly oriented towards real content. We shall see!

The thing is, if you do a search on Google, (other search engines are available!), for "DANETTI", the Number1 position should rightly be occupied by... Danetti, of course!

You expect other folks to be on the search as well, but for preference, folks like us: Positive, helpful affiliates! I welcome content about Danetti so we can turn it into a feature, like Argos, and like those Data Recovery companies!

In the meantime, visit Danetti and have a look a the furniture they have available. It's rather swish really!

I am rather hoping to get to hear more about the BAR STOOLS which are a speciality of Danetti (whether you run a pub or would just like some fashion-statement bar stools for your own home!). Also, coffee tables. These have the advantage that you can see through the glass table top and see what's going on underneath. It's what they call in the financial world "Transparency".