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PC Handsets for Internet Telephony

Dialspree Net-Phone

Internet telephony is a method of making phone calls by using the Internet. So, instead of phoning someone up by long-distance/international phone calls, you just dial a local phone-rate server, or even an unmetered access (ie free use) connection. The other end does the same, and you're ON-LINE, phoning round the world for the price of two local calls!

Now these people DIALSPREE can tell you all about this, because they sell these handsets to plug into your PC, so obviously the more of us who are using Internet Telephony, the more of those handsets they're likely so sell. So, how about having a good look around the Dialspree site and learn all about Internet Telephony, and, maybe even buy a handset!

In fact, how about buying an extra handset as a present for a friend you don't get to talk to often because they're the other side of the world? Post the handset to them, and before too long you could be communicating with them across the Internet for just the price of two computers being logged onto the Net! This has many advantages over the normal phone, and only few drawbacks, most of which will be overcome as the Net Bandwidth speed improves.

In more depth, in the words of Dialspree: "An Internet phone call is initiated by logging on to an Internet telephony web site and entering the telephone number (for PC-to-Phone) or user name (for PC-to-PC) of the person you wish to call. The call is connected in a few seconds. Your voice typically interfaces to your PC through its sound card. Some benefits of Internet telephony include: Internet phone calls cost significantly less than traditional phone calls, and in some cases are free.... Plug a Dialspree Internet Phone into your PC's soundcard and enjoy the functionality of a PC microphone and headphones and the look and feel of a telephone handset. The Dialspree Internet Phone feels so much like a telephone that you'll forget you're calling over the Net! ... If you are one of the millions of people saving money by making your long distance calls over the Internet, take it to the next level by getting a Dialspree PC Handset. It connects to your computer just like a headset, and makes your Internet calls feel just like a regular phone call..." and there's a lot more about it at their site. Dialspree will delivery anywhere in the Contiguous USA

Update: Unfortunately the affiliate program for this has come to an end and we're looking for any new Dialspree affiliate program, or any affiliate program for Internet telephony to help make use of this page. You can still visit Dialspree by knowing this information:

Linking: Site is http://www.dialspree.com

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Dialspree Net-Phones

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