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Eat It Now

Eat It Now

order your next takeaway online

Order your takeaways online at the Eat It Now website. There are over 4,000 establishments ready to take your order, now all you have to do is find one near you!

Eat It Now:

"Eat It Now is the next generation of online takeaway ordering.

Using the most advanced technology in the industry, Eat it Now allows customers to order their food via computer, sms or smartphone; pay for it and track it from restaurant to doorstep.

Customers can pay by credit card, so there’s no rushing out to the cashpoint – even takeaways that have never had a credit card system can be a part of the action.

Having concentrated on developing the best technology and online ordering system, Eat it Now has recently embarked on a full-scale expansion programme.

Whilst Eat it Now already has over 4,000 establishments ready to receive orders, Eat it Now aims to increase this number to over 10,000 within 12 months".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

Link Here To Visit Hungry House!

Eat It Now

http://www.eatitnow.co.uk/ affiliate program was with Affiliate Window. The program has now finished, as the company have been taken over by Hungry House, a company who offer the same service and more!

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