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Save Today Save Tomorrow
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The famous energy company EDF is familiar on British TV with their images of recycling the good idea of Economy7 from the 1970s as Eco20:20 and helping to save the future environment. With the motto "Save Today Save Tomorrow", EDF Energy is onto a good thing, as the phrase subtly combines thrift and ecology.

EDF EnergyIn the words of EDF Energy in 2009: "EDF Energy is Britain’s largest electricity generator. We have put sustainability at the heart of our business, by making industry leading commitments including to reduce the intensity of carbon dioxide emissions from our electricity production by 60% by 2020. To be a sustainable business we have to be safe, socially responsible and competitive – and exceed the expectations of our customers and the communities in which we work.

Energy Productseco 20:20

To meet our customers’ needs, we offer a great range of competitively-priced energy products and services.

Green and Eco

Our Green and Eco products can help you do your bit for the environment. One of them, Eco 2020, will help you save money too.

You can also take advantage of microgeneration technologies like solar thermal panels to generate your own electricity.


EDF Energy’s competitively-priced Flexible products are designed for people who want the freedom to control their energy prices.
EDF Energy


If you would like peace of mind by fixing the price you pay for your gas and electricity, our Fixed energy products could be for you.


The YouGov findings, commissioned by EDF Energy, reveal that Britain is becoming a nation of midnight-moppers as we tackle the washing, ironing and vacuuming well into the evening and throughout the weekend. Key findings show:

• More than one in four are doing their laundry after 9pm
EDF Energy
• One in six (17%) are putting on the dishwasher before going to bed
• 28% are vacuuming over the weekend
• 22% spend time on Saturday and Sunday ironing their clothes ahead of the next working week

EDF EnergyTo help these customers, EDF Energy has launched Eco20:20, a new tariff inspired by 70s favourite Economy 7. Eco 20:20 is designed to help customers by providing them with 20% cheaper electricity after 9pm on weekdays and all day at weekends .

Customers who sign up for Eco20:20 at
www.savetodaysavetomorrow.com will also have access to energy saving advice that could help them reduce their energy usage and cut their household energy carbon footprint by up to 20% as well.

Carbon Challenge

The 2012 Carbon Challenge is a free online coaching programme that can help you save a tonne of CO2 and up to 166* on your energy bills. Along with your regular energy efficiency tips, you’ll also get the chance to win exclusive prizes.

Energy Shop

Our online Energy Shop offers a great range of competitively-priced products that are designed to be kinder to the environment. Start shopping at
eco 20:20
Read. Reduce. Reward

Our free, award-winning Read. Reduce. Reward scheme can help you to save energy, and reward you with Nectar points. All you have to do is give us your meter readings online. Not only will this help us to send you more accurate bills, but you’ll get a better idea of how much energy you’re using.

Nectar points

EDF EnergyEDF Energy is the only energy supplier to reward their customers with Nectar points.
You’ll receive them for switching to EDF Energy, as well as for being part of other EDF Energy schemes such as Read. Reduce. Reward.
EDF Energy

Monthly Direct Debit

Monthly Direct Debit is a convenient way to pay bills. You can decide what day of the month to pay, and EDF Energy customers get a discount for choosing to paying this way:
• Electricity only customers – will benefit form a total discount of 8.40†
• Dual Fuel – will benefit from a total discount of 50.40†

For more information about EDF Energy and our products, go to

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:EDF EnergyEDF Energy

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The shpiel wouldn't be complete without the following noted qualifications made by EDF:

"*The figure of 166 is the potential saving achievable by an EDF Energy customer with a typical consumption supplied on our standard tariffs, meeting the challenge to reduce their annual household energy consumption by 17% through energy saving measures. Typical consumption means 3,300 kWh of electricity and 20,500 kWh of gas each year.

Compared to EDF Energy’s current standard prices as of 8/2/09. Times are set to
GMT meaning in British Summer time the cheaper period will be from 10pm until 8am weekdays.

† Total discount for electricity only customers is 8.40. Total discount for dual fuel customers is 50.40, which is made up of a Monthly Direct Debit discount for gas of 16.80 and 8.40 for electricity and a Dual Fuel discount for Monthly Direct Debit customers of 25.20 per year. These discounts do not apply to certain products (e.g. certain Internet or Multi-rate products). All amounts include VAT at 5%."

Plus our own affiliate comment which is that the stuff on this page was quoted at the time the page was created / adjusted, and it may be subject to change. To get a current up-to-date version from the horse's mouth, you can visit EDF Energy and make sure.EDF EnergyEDF Energy

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http://www.edfenergy.com and http://www.savetodaysavetomorrow.com/ affiliate program is with Affiliate Window