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Eye Trek by Olympus

Yes, that's OLYMPUS (www.olympus.com) the well-known camera company

Eye-Trek by Olympus is a Virtual Reality headset style of device which you wear on your eyes and you see a full-field video. Here's what the people at Olympus say about the Eye Trek device: "Introducing the first 62" wide-screen TV you can carry in your pocket! ...Eye Trek. Now you can experience great cinema - in complete privacy - at your convenience. Eye Trek takes you into a new dimension of viewing."

And then they also add, "WARNING: To prevent serious injury: See manual for safety information before using. Not for use by children under 16. Consult a doctor before use if you have a heart disorder, high blood pressure, a visual field impairment, or an eye movement or alignment disorder.", which really adds an element of living on the wild side, doesn't it!

Now (2002/02) these video headsets are actual, not sci-fi, and you really can buy them!

This has got to be worth looking into!

Rest assured, the Olympus Eye-Trek is a premier site, provided by a Company consumers know and trust. Also note: If you buy online you save the $7.50 processing fee! http://www.emporium.olympus.com affiliate program WAS with Commission Junction


Oh Shucks! That was a very short-lived affiliate program! Now GONE! Don't you know, we are in business for the long-term view. See The Digital Camera Company instead!

I had hoped the Olympus EyeTrek affiliate link would return at some time, but it hasn't yet, so in the meantime it's a company without an affiliate program. Still here's something which may be of interest: Vuzix iWear - "This range of cool cyber-shades make it easy to watch video whilst on the move. They make it seem like there is a TV screen projected a couple of metres in front of you. Available in iPod and other device friendly formats, and even one that will follow your head movement when playing a PC game" - that's from Firebox, by the way. Available as 44inch or 62inch. No Vista drivers, so Microwindows users recommended to upgrade to XP or Linux?