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The FONTS company known as fonts.com is a company whose main speciality is fonts. That is, those interesting and diverse styles of lettering which give print such character. When you see things printed up, it's not just what you read, but the style in which it's presented, which conveys meaning. So, if you're looking for fonts, text styles, and lettering of different character, the fonts.com company is a good place to have a look at, because that is their line of business: fonts!

At fonts.com they have a lot to say about themselves, but a lot of it is salestalk for attracting affiliates, but nevertheless, you may be interesting in such gems as the fact that fonts.com boasts "an unrivaled product selection", and that fonts.com "offers the Internet's best-selection of commercial fonts" and "includes the most sought after designs that have no substitute". Well I wouldn't say that any font has no substitute, I mean, even the font they use on the London Underground is strictly controlled by London Transport and yet there's a font whose name is Paddington which is very similar and is available! Fonts Company LogoAnyway, Fonts.com say "Primary customers include creative professionals such as graphic designers, art directors and marketers as well as IT professionals and home-users", which is fair enough.

You may be itching to know just how many fonts they have at Fonts.com. Well, they've asked is not to state the number of products offered on Fonts.com, so you'll just have to follow the link and find out from the company themselves. However, I can tell you, it's a heck of a lot. At Fonts.com they have a lot of fonts. There's no secret in that.

Well, if you'd like to see some FONTS, here's the link:

Link Here To Go To The Place!

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