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Frederique Metrot
Frédérique Métrot

Hi! I am a French native speaker, who arrived in England in September 1996 in a place in Essex called Brentwood. I studied for a Bachelor of French with Qualified Teacher Status at Anglia Polytechnic University,Me at home in England clearing dishes two years later in 1998 I graduated with a 2:1. I met a lot of great friends, who I still keep in touch with.

In September 1998 I was brave enough to move all the way to a very tiny place in Lincolnshire, the school was under special measures and the pupils were very rowdy, within three months I lost over a stone, I was suddenly very skinny. Luckily my wonderful family, a sister and a brother, as well as my lovely parents were always there to support me.The House in France

The following year, thanks to a very good friend I went back to Essex and found a part-time job in my first teaching placement. However the life in the South East was very expensive. Therefore I applied for a job at “le Club Francais”, where I work twice a week as well as Saturday morning. I also applied for a job as a French tutor for an adult education centre in Maldon and got the job. Besides I put couple of advertisements in local agents for private tuition and after couple of months, I had five regular students. I was very pleased earning all that money, however it did not leave me a lot of time to socialise. I worked at this rhythm for over three years.This my graduation for my MA in Applied Linguistics at the ceremony in July 2003 at the University of Essex

Last year I suddenly decided to put on hold my busy career and went back to University at the age of 29 to study for an MA in Applied Linguistics at the University of Essex.4 Enfants One more time I met so many different people from all over the world, who I still keep in touch with. As usual as a very busy lady, I did my MA in only nine months, in my little spare time I taught French privately to different students of all levels. I graduated in July 2003, all my friends came to attend, it was great!

This September, however, I realised that my money almost disappeared, having bought also a brand new car, I decided to go back to teaching in a Secondary School in East Anglia. The job involves teaching French and German, the pupils are quite nice and friendly, a bit over active sometimes, but I am coping very well this year.

ParisI regularly go back to my home town in France in the lovely Loire Valley. My family has grown bigger over the last couple of years: my brother who is married to an American lady have three lovely children, my sister married to a French man, who met in Bethnal Green, have three adorable children as well. There are a lot of presents for me to bring every time I come, luckily for the moment as long as it’s nice and colourful they enjoy it!

This is the back of my parents' house in the lovely Loire valley in a town in France called ToursI enjoy travelling as well, whenever I am on holidays, I usually go somewhere. I went recently to Barcelona and Dublin. Last summer I stayed for a week in Mallorca, rented a car and visited some fantastic spots in the island. In the summer I like to go and visit new places, two years ago I went to Tunisia and went scuba-diving. I regularly travel to the USA as well, I went three times to Las Vegas to help my brother for his business, that he runs twice in that very busy place. We usually stay at the Hilton. Additionally, couple of years I visited Sri Lanka, it was absolutely fantastic.Julien 2

I regularly do gymnastics, aerobics, go swimming every Tuesdays.

I have played the piano for 10 years.

In the weekend I enjoy meeting my friends in pubs and chat about the week. I love baking cakes, cookies and lovely “French crepes” with good cider.

Please feel free to contact me at: metrotfrederique@hotmail.com

Frederique Metrot 2004/03