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Glass from gambling machines

Slot machine glass, fruit machine glass, front panels from amusement machines. Business For Sale.

This is a business in itself. The collectable glass from the front of a gambling machine can be recycled and resold for a variety of interesting uses. Coffee tables made from the decorative fronts of slot machines are a certain talking-point, and followers of various cult-status themes may prize a glass which was once the front of a gambling machine about their interest.

Gambling machine glass is not easy to get, and it usually only ends up on the open market after the demise of the gambling machine whence it came.

Fortunately, there is a good stockpile of AMUSEMENT MACHINE GLASS here. The front glass from such machines as Dr Who, Coronation Street, MADNESS, Horn of Plenty, Strike it Rich, Eastenders, Del's Millions, Beaver Las Vegas, The Crystal Maze, Monopoly, Rock'N'Roll, Cash Bang Wallop, Around the World, Jack and the Beanstreak, Cluedo, are available. These and many others were carefully salvaged from the demolition of the machines. Some are collectible, and some are just interesting. The collection of fruit machine glass here is remarkable, and takes considerable care to leaf through in the style of sifting through a huge box of 12 inch vinyl LPs. Some of the pieces of glass are big enough to make into coffee tables. Typical price: 20 GBP each. There is a considerable stock with a variety of interesting glass, and if you'd like to buy the entire collection it would be an interesting business. (Obviously if you buy the whole lot, you'll get it at a very considerably reduced price per glass so you can make a good profit on each glass that you sell). Time to put in an offer?

As well as the considerable interest to owners of slot machines whose glass has catastrophically failed (it is toughened glass, and shatters into tiny bits), there is also the interest to collectors. Makes of gambling/amusement machine such as Barcrest, Maygay, and Bell Fruit, and featured here.

I am emigrating from the UK and I would prefer to sell the entire collection of interesting slot machine glass, than to pack it into a shipping container with my personal effects. So, now is the time to put in an offer for the job-lot of slot machine glass! If you buy the slot machine glass here as a business, you also get the goodwill from this page. So, how about that? A business with a web presence?!

If you are genuinely interested... contact

The matter of the sale of the glass has taken on a new urgency, as the vendor is emigrating imminently. Remember, though, if you buy the collection of fruit machine glass, you could set up your own website, and to help you get some connectivity, this page will be amended to have a link to your website!