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Improve your health and well being with Fushi. They offer health and beauty products made from totally natural ingredients.


"Fushi, the lifestyle brand, offers holistic health and beauty solutions using the highest quality natural ingredients based on eastern and western remedies.

Our Philosophy is simple ‘inner health promotes outer well-being’.

Fushi’s herbal remedies are made from the finest sourced organic herbs and whole plant extracts.

Our natural organic body and hair care products range from herbal ointments to hair treatments and from spa accessories to aromatherapy oils.

Fushi products, stores and spa’s are innovative and designed to suit your modern lifestyle.

Fushi believes in empowering our customer through education. We have been awarded the ethical organisation award reflecting our commitment to protecting the environment, animals and people.

Fushi is built on word of mouth. No hype just honesty.Fushi

Ranish Jansari


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