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WANTED: COMPUTER (Got! See note at end)

Potential buyer requires power.

I am interested in replacing the computer I have at present with something better. If you can supply this I would like to know. I am potentially a very good customer, as I am interested in buying something, and if I get something good I am likely to tell a lot of people about it. It could be very good for business.

What I would like to buy is a computer which is powerful enough to do the sort of things I want to do. I need to be able to write computer programs and run them. To be able to do what I want to do I might have to buy a MAINFRAME, but the minimum requirement is a programming environment which allows proper control of the machine.

Do not try to sell me an ordinary PC with "Windows" as I already have a system which is better than that.

If you have something to sell which I might buy, please contact me at...

News! A new computer has now been acquired. More news about this later!

... Linux ... Music ... etc