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Getty Images
The Getty Images company reviewed at Zyra's independent website

The Getty Images company is a photographic agency which has a big stock of photographs, some of which it licenses out people who are willing to pay the asking price. The company is, I would guess, named after the legendary millionaire Paul Getty, who was famous for various things including being rich and for having a payphone for his guests. Of course that was in the days when international phone calls were very expensive, so surely you can see his point of view?!

From what I can see of it, Getty Images is set up with a marketing model more like Microsoft and Disney, and less like NASA and Linux. Of course that's an opinion, and these things may change.

The idea for this page was conceived as if it's an alternative universe where the Getty Images company has adopted a more reasonable balanced policy on a few things. Considering the photographic section at this site, you'd think Getty Images would be on here with an affiliate program?!

Well, we're not living in a fixed world where everything stays the same. Some things that were acceptable a long time ago are no longer, and the cultural changes make a difference. For example, a while ago international phone calls were expensive, so it was quite reasonable to charge the going rate for them, but now with Skype and VoIP, international phone calls can be free. Also, with software and intellectual property, there was a time when fundamentalists ruled, but now that's no longer the case. It's no longer acceptable to take an extremist line on persecuting people.

One of the things that's not changed is the idea that the reputation of people and companies matters. It's important to do the right thing and to be seen to do the right thing. These days it matters a lot more than it did, because on the Internet, people have their say. You can see this sort of thing in the way that some banks are considered more wholesome than others. It's to do with whether they'll be associated with regimes that are tainted by war, corruption, human rights abuses, or whether they'll eschew these things.

Of course it would be nice to say, at some time, that Getty Images is a company with an enlightened philosophy and we'll promote them, maybe with an affiliate link and a customer testimonial. Currently 2008/10, that's not what is observed here, and so instead of a connection to the actual company, this is what we have...

Link Here to see a Public Warning about Getty Images and their Behaviour!

In the interests of public information, the official website of Getty Images is stated to be www.gettyimages.com, but the status of the affiliate program is irrelevant here as we will not join their affiliate program on principle until they are seen to resolve various issues in a reasonable way.

The material on this page is a personal opinion and is not to be considered legal advice. As one of the purposes of this page is to encourage good practice, any reform or improvement in practices at Getty Images will be welcomed and the page amended with a proper acknowledgement of this. Any trademarks mentioned on this page are acknowledged and are owned by whoever owns them.