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"Relevant search results. Always"

"Say NO to pay-per-click! NO to stratospheric costs! YES to fair and relevant results!"

"Gobango is a search engine which does NOT try to be too clever! You, the web site owner / manager tell us what you do by listing your title and description and URL under relevant search terms. We simply make sure that we are happy with the accuracy of the submission. Gobango is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Top-pile.com Limited, one of the world's leading search engine traffic companies, so what we do not know about search engine algorithms and search engines is not worth knowing! Our key is simplicity, simple as that!"

This is where the SEARCH box was!

Yes, but it does seem to have disappeared! Worse, though, as it seems to have been taken over by cybersquatters

Did you know you could customise a Gobango Search-Box and put YOUR company logo on there! See How to make your own custom search-box

Always tricky to know what's best to be done when something like this has gone. There are other search engines to have a look at. Also look at the main index here where everything is in alphabetical order