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Good Question!
Ask a Good Question and get a reasonably Good Answer:

If you have a question you'd like to ask, it's good to know that there is the possibility it could be answered. What makes a question a "good question" here at Zyra's website is that the question and answer will be of interest to other people reading it. This is likely to make it worth creating a new page for it here. For example "How do things in orbit stay up in space?" is a question which is puzzling to a lot of people and so the answer is worth a page. Similarly, "Why do Logarithms work?" is a good question, and the answer explains to a great many people in a way that's understandable. Doesn't it make you wonder why they don't explain these things in school? Some of the questions are of a practical nature such as "Why is my houseplant unwell?" or "How do I get a spider out of the bath?" or even "How can I set up my own business?". Answers to these questions are there to be seen, and even if only one person takes the initiative to actually ask the question, a thousand people will be intrigued/enlightened/amused by the answer.

In some ways the question and answer thing is "FAQ" - Frequently Asked Questions, but in a way it's not the number of times a question is asked that raises it to the standard of "good question" but the likely number of times it's going to be of interest when answered.

It also helps if Zyra is able to answer the question and to write a Good Answer. For that, it's got to be something explainable. A great many things are explainable even though they are normally seldom explained! Some of the explanations at Zyra's website are so good that they get complaints! For example, "How do you convert a television into an oscilloscope?" was explained in such simple terms that a complaint arrived saying it was aimed at children! Also, "Is it true that glass is a liquid?" resulted in one intellectual person in a university writing a somewhat derisory dismissive comment that it was WRONG, whereas they'd just not read the whole page, towards the end of which the punchline is seen.

As per usual with any kind of FAQ type of a thing, you're asked to make a cursory glance at the questions already answered. To do this here, you're asked to spend just a minute or so checking the index to see if your question is there. Decide what you think the subject of the question is and then look it up in alphabetical order on this page: complete site index. Each page is listed under several different headings to make it easier. For example Chicken Hypnosis is listed under "Hypnosis of Chickens", "Chicken Hypnosis", and "How to Hypnotise a Chicken". Also see Infrequently Asked Questions.

Having decided that your question is something you'd like to ask, and it's such that if answered it'll be of general interest, then here's your chance to ask. Write in and put your question.

What happens next: There is no guarantee your question will be answered, but hopefully it will be. Please be patient. If it makes it to become a page, it will be published at a new issue, which will probably be in a few weeks. Worth waiting for, as, if it's a good question, it will be up there being some help to a lot of people for years!