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Half.com is an eBay company eBayand is described like this: "Half.com is the Internet's leading fixed-price, person-to-person marketplace where you can find great deals on books, music, movies, electronics, sporting goods, computers, trading cards and games. Join today! It's fast, easy and free to join!"

However, despite the fact that the place was advertised at Commission Junction as if it was a prestigious place that was going to be around forever, it's now GONE from Commission Junction and the affiliate links expired.Half.comeBay

So, you can either type in the URL, or you could try some other places which we're still continuing with linking to. There are some perfectly good places mentioned in such categories as books, music, (cd shops), movies, and all sorts of shopping places. As regards "free to join", here you don't even need to join, as the site is open for all to explore!

http://www.half.com affiliate program was with Commission Junction

Half.com is part of the same group of companies as eBay

Not to be confused with Half Life or other things with half in them.