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Harrod Horticultural

Have you heard of Harrod Horticultural? They aren't in Knightsbridge you know! Their home is Suffolk and they know a lot more about gardening products, than they do at the famous London Store.

Harrod Horticultural:

"Quality products built on over 50 years of Manufacturing Expertise…

Harrod Horticultural is a division of Harrod UK Limited, founded in 1954 by our present Chairman Ron Harrod.

Harrod Horticultural is a UK leading retailer of superior products in the gardening sector.

As a team of passionate 'grow your own' gardeners that design and manufacture many of our own EXCLUSIVE products at our home in Suffolk using 55 years of experience, we understand the importance and satisfaction of QUALITY, RELIABLE and LONG LASTING solutions:

- Around 2,000 innovative and inspirational solutions - everything gardeners need to sow, grow and harvest, as well as cook their produce.

- Competitive pricing across the whole range

- 1st class Customer Service with all orders and fulfilment handled in-house

- FREE no obligation Fruit Cage and Raised Bed quotation service to tailor the products to individual gardening needs

- Additional value given through EXPERT and FREE gardening advice, including regular blogging from our own Kitchen Garden project

- 14 day no quibble replacement or refund guarantee".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

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