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Good to have in the Garden

Hedgehogs are small prickly mammals which live in the wild in the UK, Europe, and a few other places. They also live as pets in the Americas. Hedgehogs are well-liked by people, and are considered "cute".

Hedgehogs are a good thing to have in the garden because they eat garden pests.

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If you have hedgehogs, you don't need slug-bait (slug bait kills hedgehogs). If you want to kill slugs as well as allowing hedgehogs to do it, you can use slug "Beer Traps". These are jam jars buried at surface level, half-full of beer. Slugs fall into them and drown. (Some people claim "at least they die happy").

When having a bonfire, it's best to avoid burning any hedgehogs. Solutions suggested include stacking the fuel separately and transferring it to the fire bit-by-bit.

If you want to feed wild hedgehogs in the garden, catfood is good. The general wisdom is to avoid milk, as hedgehogs are lactose intolerant. They can drink goat milk but not cow milk.

Hedgehogs' defence is to roll up in a ball, which is quite effective against wolves, stoats, dogs, cats, foxes, etc. Not so good against cars, trucks, buses, etc. However, evolution may be starting to take effect as some hedgehogs may be developing a response of "running away" on seeing oncoming headlights. It's a bit like the elephants evolving to have no tusks so they are not worth being killed by poachers. Evolutionary "design considerations" don't have someone making intelligent decisions. Instead, what happens is the animals with attributes that give a better chance of survival tend to have more surviving offspring.

Hedgehogs make a heck of a noise in courtship. The sound in the garden gives the impression that wild boars are in rut. Amazing to think that amount of sound is coming from critters as small as guinea pigs