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Horniman's Tea

Horniman's Tea was founded in 1826 by John Horniman, and was later taken on by his son Frederick Horniman. Horniman's Tea was probably the first tea to be sold in packets. It was a famous household name in Victorian times and considerably later. In 1918 the company was bought out by J.Lyons but the name lived on, and Horniman's Tea cards from around 1962 are on sale at online auctions and other places. Even as late as 1993 Horniman's Tea was on sale in the USA, but Frederick Horniman is still remembered for something else that he did. He was a famous Victorian collector, naturalist, philanthropist, and interesting character generally, and set up The Horniman Museum which is still open, and still FREE! Impressive! As well as being a fascinating eclectic collection it is also an excellent example of enduring good works by an eccentric millionaire.

More about the history of tea can be seen at Bramah Tea Museum - was www.bramahmuseum.co.uk and there's also a list of tea companies at Zyra.org.uk , but if you've come here with a question "Where can I buy a packet of Horniman's Tea?", well it would be nice to have an affiliate link and say "Yes! You can buy Horniman's Tea here!", but the nearest I've got here at present 2002/08 is our affiliate link to ADAGIO TEA!

We are assured by the nice people at Jose Aldao that you can purchase Hornimans tea from them. You may need to brush up on your Spanish though!

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