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"If a horse be a box-walker, put a sheep* in with it". I heard someone say this some time ago, and I have no reason to doubt it. How does this work? A horse exhibiting stereotyping bored behaviour walking about madly in a small space, maybe finds company in having a sheep there. Does this work? * I have also heard that a goat can be put in, and that the term "to get one's goat" comes from a tradition that before a race, horses were boxed with a goat each, and that if someone deprived a horse of their goat, then they'd "got their goat", ie have resulted in feelings of being upset!


Again, repetitive behaviour, the horse nodding to and fro. But oddly, putting up a large mirror in the stable cures this! This handy tip was on local tv. Horses like to look at themselves in the mirror. However, care has to be taken by using mirror that is shatterproof or has a sheet of unbreakable plastic in front, and the whole thing has to be fixed securely.

Suitable mirrors are available from CompanionMirrors.co.uk (gone)


This is where a horse nibbles pieces out of the woodwork and swallows great gulps of air. Once developed as a bad habit this becomes a "vice". Generally not good. However, it is possible to buy some stuff called Cribox (by Hydrophane) which is harmless but tastes terrible. (I know, I've tried it! Yuck! Unbelievably disgusting!). I would guess the stuff can also be used for stopping the horse owner fingernail-biting while worrying about the horse's bad habits!

With any stereotyping behaviour, it's important to make sure it's not because of boredom and loneliness.

Also, did you know you can insure your horse via some of these companies who are more typically known for pet insurance ? Also see Equine Supplies

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