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Family Holidays - Your Freedom, Your Choice

Self-catering holidays both home and abroad provide you with the freedom to come and go as you please. Hoseasons have been providing this sort of holiday for years, the only change is that you now have a better choice.

"With over 12,000 places to stay in coastal and countryside settings throughout Britain and Ireland (and now in mainland Europe), Hoseasons is the UK's leading self-catering holiday specialist.Hoseasons

Hoseasons offers holidays in three main categories: Hoseasons Holiday Lodges and Parks offer the widest choice of self-catering holiday rentals in British and Irish country locations, from secluded forest lodges to seaside holiday parks with swimming pools and entertainment.

HoseasonsHoseasons Country Cottages provide luxury accommodation in a perfect coast, country or village setting - from the rugged Highlands of Scotland or the hills of rural Wales to the beautiful countryside of England. Hoseasons Boating Holidays let your visitors explore the rivers and canals of England or Europe at a relaxing pace.

With Hoseasons, you can discover Europe from the comfort of a holiday park, apartment or villa. Over 120 holiday villages, parcs, centres and resorts give your visitors the choice of lodges, apartments, bungalows and cottages in Holland, Germany, Belgium, France, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Norway and Sweden".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

The Link Was Here to Go to the Place!


www.hoseasons.co.uk affiliate program is with TradeDoubler. Well Done to our friends at TradeDoubler for trying to get Hoseasons to see sense.

It's a nice page about Hoseasons, so what's gone wrong with Hoseasons and why are there no affiliate links anymore? Well, it appears that in July 2011 Hoseasons decided they didn't want to be promoted everywhere, for example on websites that were about almost everything, and instead Hoseasons wanted to be on websites that were exclusively travel websites. Therefore, folks, I suggest places that are more open in their policies. You could have a look at Haven Holidays , and Butlins Holiday Camp, and Pontins, plus Forest Holidays and a great many other Family Holidays which are promoted at this site.

Hoseasons have a reason that they've expelled this site, even though this site has been promoting them for many years. It is that Zyra.org.uk is not a "travel site". So, even though it's actually got more content about travel than some travel sites, it's actually got pages about other subjects as well, and therefore this, strange as it may seem, doesn't fit with Hoseasons and their rather narrow marketing policy. It is of course anyone's prerogative to miss out, and Hoseasons have exercised that.

Let's hope Hoseasons come back to having a sensible policy soon, so we can get on with promoting them as we have for many years.

Bowhills (which is part of the Hoseasons group) seem to have a more open policy, and so there is still a nice page promoting Bowhills here.

You are welcome to visit Hoseasons, and the web address is www.hoseasons.co.uk , it's your free choice. Copy and paste the address in, and you can visit Hoseasons. Meanwhile, here in the modern world of open marketing, plenty of other good Family Holidays are there to be seen. There's a separate category of Self-Catering Holidays which should help if you'd like to save on expenditure in the recession while still having a good holiday!

I remember when Hoseasons used to be on TV, and there seems to be a connection with boating holidays on the Norfolk Broads and exploring the inland waterways of Britain. There are pages about boating and canals on this site too, and this expands into other areas.

It is tempting to comment that Hoseasons will Rue The Day that they made the bad decision to expel this site. Note that it looks like rain, and Sunshine.co.uk will be promoted instead! In fact, the resumption of Sunshine.co.uk affiliate links here are a direct result of Hoseasons failing to get their act together! However, in the case of Hoseasons it may simply be a case of bad decision-making, bad marketing advice, and they may yet resume good marketing at some point. If they do, and we get back to good diplomacy, this paragraph will be tactfully removed and the links to Hoseasons put back up! After all, anyone can make a mistake, and mistakes are generally forgivable at this site.

The other thing is, it is anyone's prerogative to miss out. Hoseasons have exercised that right.