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Hotel Chocolat Reviews
Customer Testimonials of Hotel Chocolat chocolates

Let's see what we think when given the chance to test the chocolate provided by Hotel Chocolat. This has been described as "Pro Celebrity Chocolate Tasting"! Here are a few honest comments...


"Hotel Chocolat are onto a good thing sending affiliates free samples of chocolate to write reviews about! Clearly it's very likely everyone's going to like the chocolate. I found the stuff was especially delicious, and so sweet that it's to be savoured rather than scoffed. As well as it being very tasty chocolate, it's also good to see that Hotel Chocolat have carefully included the ingredients list on the packs so we can tell what's in it. So, for example if you don't like wheat, you can easily spot which of the chocs are safe, and you'll have no trouble finding someone else to eat the ones that contain (the dreaded) wheat. Hotel Chocolat chocolates are not cheap, but surely you're not buying them because of the price, you're buying them because you're going to treat someone who you like very much. (That might be someone else, or it might be yourself!)"Hotel Chocolat


"Having been a purveyor of the finest chocs for many years - hence the waistline - I thought the chocs that were sent were really rather good!! Able to consume alarming quantities of food - normally - I really did not feel the urge to scoff the chocs all in one go! The different flavours were so nice, that to eat them all in a kill crazy choc fest would have been, quite frankly - churlish. Therefore, well done to you Sirs for creating yummy treats, not to be binged, but savoured and enjoyed!!"


"Expecting a child, in the middle of the summer is pants, big pants! So I was delighted when I was presented with my selection of Choccy Delights! I'm a Champagne Truffle monster, so was very chuffed when these were sent, nice one! I am delighted to say that the truffles were ace and the rest were mighty fine also. The trouble is I would now like some more..."

Another comment I've heard is the speculation that the Hotel Chocolat is a special luxury resort where you can stay and get pampered with delicious chocolates. It's a nice idea, but I think it's taking the idea of it being a Hotel too literally. Hotel Chocolate used to be Choc Express, and probably changed the name so as to associated more with luxury than with speed of delivery. However, the reality is that you can order luxury chocolates online and have them delivered. If you would like to do that, here's the link: Hotel Chocolat