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Backup your data, store your files or share them, this is all possible in a safe environment with Humyo. The services are available for businesses and home applications.


"humyo.com is an online file storage service which allows users to backup their data, synchronize files across all their computers and share folders with friends and colleagues.

humyo.com allows users to directly share their content with friends, automatically embedding a media player in emails and on social networks like Facebook and MySpace by which to display media content. Content can also be streamed to a mobile phone, with humyo.com automatically detecting the capabilities of the phone and sending media to it in the correct size and format for optimum digital enjoyment.

From a work perspective, humyo.com allows users to edit documents and collaborate with co-workers in shared folders from any PC. As well as being accessible through the website interface, users can install a download-able client, which synchronises files across all their computers and enables access to humyo.com through an extra hard drive on their PC - even when offline.

humyo.com takes all possible measures to ensure the security of user data including 256-bit encryption, firewalling, and a partitioned network. In addition, humyo.com’s servers are stored in a former Bank of England gold bullion vault with bomb-blast corridors and blast-proof steel".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

Link Here to Go to Trend Micro!


http://www.humyo.com/ affiliate program was with DGM PRO, but now Humyo has become part of Trend Micro