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News update on Iceland Groceries

Iceland Groceries are well recommended as per pages such as the Iceland customer testimonial and the dedicated affiliate page for Iceland. However, if you would like to go shopping for groceries at Iceland you'll have to go to the shops yourself or get someone else to go there for you, as Iceland's online home delivery service is no more (2005/12).

Iceland Home Deliveries (online service) will be missed by many people who were pleased to have their shopping delivered to them. It is hoped that at some time, preferably SOON, an affiliate program will resume and we can get on with being GOOD FOR BUSINESS! It's tricky to know where to suggest in the meantime, but customers may be interested to know that Iceland's website is www.iceland.co.uk and is featured at the page of Iceland at this site. Plus, Waitrose and Asda and Tesco have home delivery options, and there is a special arrangement with Sainsbury's, and it's worth wandering around the Food section at Zyra's website, as well as Supermarkets and the Shopping Portal

Note that ICELAND HOME DELIVERY SERVICE is available again (2006/12), but only by going to the shops, rather than ordering online.