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News update on Iceland Electrical Appliances

There is good news about Iceland Appliances, as there is a new affiliate program and a new page which you can see here at Iceland Electrical Appliances. This was announced in 2008 and should continue for some time. Well done! It was worth waiting for! Well done to Iceland for having a new affiliate program! To see this, see Iceland Appliances and see what you think.

This page is also part of the category of ELECTRICAL SHOPS and it's all connected up with the Shopping Portal and the page about Iceland

On an earlier version of this page, it was suggested that if Iceland where to resume having an affiliate program for customers to order Iceland fridges and freezers online, it would almost certainly persuade Zyra to write a scientific page explaining in easy-to-understand terms HOW A FRIDGE WORKS, and then it would link up to these pages helping to sell more appliances. This is now happening! You can have a look and see for yourself.

To sum this up, if you would like to get your domestic appliance ordered online and delivered to you, please visit... Iceland Appliances (and follow the links through to the actual place).

Or at least it WAS there!

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