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Iceland Frozen Food Supermarket - customer comments

Iceland, frozen food store in the UK. Frozen food specialists. Frozen food for sale, and deep freezers, microwave ovens, other white goods. Non-frozen food also available; tea, chocolate, milk, wine, breakfast cereals, etc.

(Incidentally, this page is NOT the official site of Iceland Frozen Food UK Ltd. The official site is www.iceland.co.uk , whereas this page is a review by a customer!Iceland You can visit Iceland via this dedicated affiliate page: Iceland Supermarket)

What's really good about Iceland is the fact that they really care about what is in the food. I was at an Iceland store and I saw they'd got this remarkable offer where you can buy a 2.6Kg frozen chicken for 5 and get a big pack of frozen vegetables and a large packet of frozen chips free, and also a free luxury pie. I have to be gluten-free however, so some of this was a bit of a problem. But the staff there were very helpful and I was provided with a special variant of the deal which was all gluten-free. Great! Not only that, but items at Iceland are often clearly marked "contains gluten" or "gluten free". They've also covered the Genetically Modified issue, and the artificial colour situation. This all costs money, but it is worth it for gaining a reputation of caring about the customer concerns about what's in the food!

Excellent news! Now Some time ago I said "Wouldn't it be good if this was an affiliate link!".Iceland This is now TRUE! So if you'd like to visit Iceland, here's the dedicated affiliate page up and running: Iceland Supermarket

Further good news has appeared in 2008 as Iceland Domestic Appliances has emerged as an affiliate program online. This all helps!

Free range eggs are available at Iceland, and I would guess it will only be a matter of time before free range chickens are also available.

Iceland's motto is "Food you can trust". This is a good point and addresses the fears a great many people have about unfortunate adulterations of mass-produced food. Iceland avoids these things and has ethically produced food, food that you can trust.

I speak as I find, and this customer testimonial page has been online longer than Iceland have had an affiliate program!