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In-DVDs is an online DVD rental shop. You can rent DVDs online, with NO LATE FEES. How's this done? Here's the In-DVDs own description (2002/07): "IN-DVDS is the UK’s first DVD subscription rental service – a new way of renting that has been hugely successful in the US. Our members pay one fixed price each month and receive an unlimited number of DVDs through the post with no late fees. Once they have watched a film they return the DVD in the packaging provided and we send out the next title on their ‘wish list’. Membership begins at only 7.50 per month to have 1 DVD out at a time, up to 25 for 5 DVDs out at a time. In-DVDs is owned by IN-MOVIES LTD and we have been operating for almost 3 years. In-DVDs now has several thousand members. We are currently offering a FREE, NO OBLIGATION, 14 day trial".

And here's the simplicity of use explained:

The affiliate link () for this has gone, but it may reappear at some time. (Please let me know if it does). You're welcome to type in the url which is http://www.in-dvds.co.uk or you could have a look at some DVD and VIDEOs here.