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I Need Hits

I Need Hits

Search Marketing Specialists for Small Businesses since 1996

There's been a link to I Need Hits for quite a long time now at the Zyra website, and then when they got an affiliate program there was a dedicated page, which was the old I Need Hits page. It was an independent affiliate program, and it should have done a lot of good, but oddly no income has arrived from it for years. Still, never mind, because I Need Hits is a famous name in the "submit your website to search engines" category. I suggest you create a special e-mail address to use for this, for reasons which will become apparent.

SEO is a funny business, and some of the things which some companies do are decidedly iffy. However, I regard I Need Hits as one of the more reputable places! If you'd care to give them a try, you can see the rest of this page and then the "visit" link to take you to the place...

I Need Hits:

"Serving 1 Million Businesses Since 1996!

For over 15 years we've been specializing in search engine marketing for small business. Today we help over 5,000 customers every month with our affordable Google, Yahoo and Bing search marketing solutions.

ineedhits is one of the leading search engine marketing companies worldwide.

Founded in 1996 and with a customer base of over 250,000, we offer a range of search engine marketing services including SEO, submission and pay-per-click products ideal for the small & medium sized business market".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

Link Here To Go To The Place!

I Need Hits

http://www.ineedhits.com affiliate program is with Commission Junction

Is it just me? Or are the prices cheaper via the CJ link here than with the old independent program?!

If the links and banners on this page work, that's good! Otherwise, here's some help