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Interior World Decor Magazine

This used to be a site about interior decor, and seemed to be quite a good business. But later, a problem occurred.

In their own words: "Interior World is an on-line decorating magazine with a very high quality content. We attract tens of thousands of viewers every month.". But there's more to it than that, because they have a search engine style link finder which is full of loads of interesting adverts, and also a FREE 20Mb WEBSPACE which you can have (provided you allow loads of adverts on your site (not all of which are to do with interior decor!)). More about this here

The page with the link on it has got COOKIES. If your machine gives you a choice, make an exception this time and allow cookies if you will, so I can get paid!

 LINK HERE TO GO TO THE PLACE!  (read note at end of this page first)

http://www.interiorworld.com affiliate program via Coldfusion AffiliateShop

Note: Since I signed up with Interior World Magazine (using a trace-email), I have received various items of e-mail to that address from various companies. So, you can expect your e-mail address to be put on a list and sold to various companies. Having said that, the people there are friendly and the companies quite reputable, or at least that was the case until recently (2002/07).

Further Note: BAD NEWS, as people on the Interior World mailing list have received a PYRAMID SCHEME bulk e-mail. This is very bad! Read more about Pyramid Schemes

By the way, this has never recovered.