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Please note that this page is at Zyra's site and is ABOUT It's Your Turn.com!

It's Your Turn.com

It's Your Turn.com is a system for playing Chess, Backgammon, Draughts (checkers), Go, Othello/Reversi, Battleships, Amazons, and a variety of other board games ONLINE, either in real time or on an e-mail postal-style system (so you don't HAVE to have an unmetered access Internet connection), and they have over 800,000 players (at recent count in early 2002). I was on at four in the morning UK-time and there were over 1400 online at that time!

So, you can play a game of chess against someone the other side of the globe! In fact you can play several games at once!

Well enough of me talking about it. Here's some of the stuff said by It's Your Turn.com themselves:

ItsYourTurn.com is a unique concept in online games.

* Plus, since Zyra joined, another good point is that you can be of unique-identifier (ie not necessarily first-name last-name) nomenclature, and gender-ambiguous, if you like.

Games available include chess, checkers, backgammon, Battleboats, Pente, Go, and Stack4. Over 40 different games and variations.

...etc etc.

Well it'd be grand to be able to say this is an affiliate link and I get paid commission for every new player I can get to sign up, but it's not so. It's just a great fun site and I recommend it. HAVE FUN!

LINK HERE TO GO TO www.itsyourturn.com!

Or if you've already joined, you can check the status of the games you are playing at: www.itsyourturn.com/iyt.dll?status?p=1

Also see www.xyroth-enterprises.co.uk/iytpals.htm which is a list you can be added to.

During mid-2004, It's Your Turn.com went through a phase of ridiculous splat advertising. (I've heard that you don't see the Annoying Pop-Ups if you join the membership). It seems a strange choice of advertising methodology to have such adverts on a site which is for people with some intellect, as pop-ups and "about blank" time-bombs are most effective on a low-IQ demographic. Have advertising banners? Yes! But to have jiggling ads and worrying-looking things that I'm scared might be spyware and things that try to hide? No! I commend It's Your Turn on having an excellent gaming system and I welcome a reform to SENSIBLE advertising in the form of static decorative banners.

Good News on this! November 2006: I see It's Your Turn have reformed the advertising policy and have got rid of the Annoying Pop-Ups! Well Done to It's Your Turn! They still have advertising with a few banners, some of which are silly, but it's mostly harmless and certainly nothing invasive or anything that gets in the way when you're playing online strategy games. It's entirely up to you if you want to get a free Zwinky, enter a survey, or visit some vaguely-relevant site or other. I'd suggest you avoid Facebook, but it's probably not anything It's Your Turn can do to ban it on ethical grounds because it's probably shovelled in with everything else. However, surely you must be aware it isn't true that you've won a plasma tv, so let's not get too excited about it! It's an old ploy, and you should know better! But then, as you are clever enough to be playing online strategy games, you are most likely easily clever enough to avoid being fooled by these things. I don't mind them, and I think It's Your Turn have done the right thing by changing the advertising campaign to something reasonable, rather than what it was before.

On previous issues of my site, I have warned people to avoid spam (or similar) advertising, and I quoted the Cautionary Tale About Sending Spam and speculated: "Out of the two million registered players at It's Your Turn, I wonder how many of them hate the annoying advertising and would actually respond better to a more reasonable and less invasive advertising approach" and added "According to sources in the advertising business, the going rate for poking someone in the eye with an annoying pop-up is... what do you think? 30 cents? No, it's 30 cents PER THOUSAND such annoyances!", but now these issues have been addressed by the company, they get a WELL DONE on here! Well Done to It's Your Turn.com!

For sensible, in-context advertising, see Affiliate Programs

Also see other strategic game systems, advertising, spyware, museums, spam, and anything else vaguely related to this subject.

Once again, WELL DONE to It's Your Turn.com for having a reasonable advertising policy with banners which aren't too intrusive, and no silly pop-ups!