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Jaques London

This year forget the tv and video games. Play with the children with a traditional wooden game from Jaques of London - share some quality time.

Jaques London:

"Jaques Of London are the oldest sports and games company in the world. established in 1795 we have invented croquet, staunton chess and ping pong.

The Sales of Traditional Games have continued to soar this Christmas. Is the world going back to family values during a tougher economic time. In previous economic downturn games sales have soared with many Jaques Games Being introduced during down turns in economy.

In most of the 1800's Jaques had developed and introduced new indoor games. many of which, such as Hit-a-Pin Bagatelle, Happy Families and Shove Halfpenny, are still very popular today. There are many featured in Jaques' precious pattern book recovered from the safe of our bombed out Hatton Garden premises during the War.

Jaques of Londons Games catalogue is still very popular we introduce new games such as Carpet Bowls and some of our original games such as Bagatelle, Crokinole and Step Quoits. Despite TV and video games, the appetite for craftsmen-made wooden games of all types, grows apace. Jaques Games Make the Ultimate Family Christmas Gift".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:


Jaques London

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