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A while ago, Jurys Doyle split into Jurys Doyle Hotels and Jurys Doyle Inns, and these are run entirely separately! The following shpiel is historical, followed by some helpful links...

Here's a list of Jurys Doyle Hotels and Jurys Doyle Inns:

"Jurys Doyle - Ireland's largest hotel group

Based in Ireland, Jurys Doyle is one of the fastest-growing hotel groups in Europe, with 35 trading properties in the UK, Ireland and USA. The Group's portfolio consisted of 5 hotels before its rapid expansion began in 1993 with the launch of the Jurys Inns budget brand".

Now in these links, the ones with brackets and J numbers on are Jurys Inns, and at the time of Issue121 of this site, we have got actual Jurys Doyle Inns affiliate links via Stream20. The others, we're trying to get connected up via the network which they have joined. However, in all cases, there's some free info about the places, so at least we're still some help!

Jurys Inn Belfast (JI1)

Jurys Inn Cork (JI6)

Jurys Ballsbridge Hotel

Jurys Croke Park HotelJurys Inn Manchester

Jurys Inn Christchurch, Dublin (JI5)

Jurys Inn Custom House, Dublin (JI8)

Jurys Inn Parnell Street, Dublin (JI20)

Jurys Montrose Hotel - any news?

The Berkeley Court - any news?

The Burlington - they are now The Burlington Hotel and we've given them an independent link.

The Towers - any news?Jurys Inn Nottingham

The Westbury

Jurys Inn Galway (JI10)

Jurys Inn Limerick (JI15)

Jurys Inn Southampton (JI22)

Jurys Bristol Hotel

Jurys Clifton Ford Hotel and Health Club

Jurys Great Russell Street Hotel

Jurys Inn Chelsea (JI4)

Jurys Inn Croydon (JI7)

Jurys Inn Heathrow (JI12)Jurys Boston Hotel

Jurys Inn Islington (JI13)

Jurys Kensington Hotel

Jurys Cardiff Hotel - any news?

Jurys Inn Birmingham (JI2)

Jurys Inn Nottingham (JI19)

Jurys Inn Manchester (JI16)

Jurys Inn Leeds (JI14)

Jurys Inn Newcastle (JI18)Jurys Bristol Hotel

Jurys Inn Edinburgh (JI9)

Jurys Inn Glasgow (JI11)

Jurys Boston Hotel

Jurys Normandy Inn

Jurys Washington Hotel

Also, a few additional hotels...

Marylebone GS

"At Jurys Doyle, we are dedicated to providing good quality hotel products that are appropriate to our customers' needs in a friendly, professional and flexible environment. Offering guests a choice of 3-star, 4-star and 5-star hotels, all of our properties are centrally located in major cities"

Here's the new link ...

And, The Doyle Collection... Doyle Collection

Jurys Doyle

http://www.jurysdoyle.com affiliate program was with Stream20 and some of the links are also with affili.net

In 2007/2008 some of the hotels that were with Jurys Doyle split away to become a separate group, Jurys Inns. So where it says J16 etc in the list, those are actually part of Jurys Inns rather than Jurys Doyle Hotels. Well, it's important to keep a track of these things, somehow!

The good news on this is that in 2012, most of the links have been recovered thanks to Stream20 ! It's good to have these hotels back on the books here!