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The idea of something being JUST is to do with it being FAIR, or to put it another way, in contrast to where it's not fair. Although the idea of "Just" in that way is connected with justice, this goes far beyond the sort of thing seen in law.

Injustice, where obviously it's not fair, is characterised by scenarios which are UNJUST.

If you are to judge what's best to be done in a particular situation, it's important to make a good decision, making into account the many different things involved. Often it is a matter of balancing different factors, so as to give a judicious result. A reasonably good test of the quality of such a decision is the extent to which everyone involved considers the result to be fair.

The word "just" is also used in a quite different way, as well as to do with being fair, judicious, getting things right, etc. "Just" also means "only" in the sense of "exclusively". For example, "Did anyone survive the disaster?" ... "Just those who managed to run away" etc. For this use of the word "just", a few companies have adopted it as part of the title of their business. For example, if a shop were to be set up where the speciality was catfood, the owners might call the business "Just Catfood", and have that name above the door. This type of naming system was fashionable in the yuppie era of the 1980s, but it has continued, and you can see a list of JUST [something] companies here.