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Just Eat

Ordering food from your pc has never been easier than it is now with Just Eat. You can order your food without being hassled and if the company gets too rowdy, you can send them to bed!

Just Eat:


Europe's biggest food ordering site with more than 1500 individual restaurants is now online in the UK.

Consumers can now order and pay fast food online from restaurants and get instant online feedback through the technology behind.

At Just-Eat.co.uk you can sit in peace and quiet and order the food - you then pick up on you way home from work, or get delivered to your doorstep.

The choice of restaurants and foods on Just-Eat ranges from a la carte restaurants to the local pizza shop down on the corner.

Something for every wallet and time schedule".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

Link Here To Go To The Place! Yum! (was)

Just Eat

http://www.just-eat.co.uk/ affiliate program is now with Affiliate Window

The link was http://www.awin1.com/awclick.php?mid=2005&id=11504 , and we have been promoting Just Eat, in good faith, for years. But then, in Feb 2012, Just Eat chucked us off their affiliate program. Not just us, either. They threw away most of their affiliates, affiliates who had put a lot of work into creating nice pages like this at numerous websites across the Internet.

We have nothing against Just Eat, and it is just that they have made a monumentally poor error of judgement. Despite being well advised by those nice friendly people at Affiliate Window, Just Eat went and made a meal of it and threw their affiliate program up in the air.

So, what now? Well, customers are still welcome to visit them, and the web address is given just under that banner there. However, we guessed they might fail to heed the right advice and so therefore this page is now being redirected to other Food and other Fast Food! We will be adding Eat It Now, also a food company, on here soon.

If Just Eat decide to start being sensible, we will be happy to have them back on this page. Anyone can make a mistake. It's their loss and it's rather sad that this page has had to be bunged up, unnecessarily. I'd be interested to know which marketing agency they are using so I can tactfully warn folks about it.

Just Eat has no monopoly in the online fast food business and the hole left by their untimely departure has been swiftly taken by Eat It Now! So, if you want to order a takeaway, you can Eat It Now rather than having to wait. It's a good job you haven't got to wait for Just Eat to get their affiliate program in order, or you might get a bit hungry. I believe that Just Eat may yet realise the error of their ways and may have to Eat their words, Eat humble pie, etc. Not to worry, though; they'll be welcomed back at this site.