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Kenco Coffee

For the actual site, link to Site: Kenco

Web addresses: and (which redirects)

Telephone 0808 100 8787 UK

Alongside the consumer web site - - there is also a trade site for people who buy coffee on a commercial basis. The web site address for this site is:

This is the page about Kenco Coffee on this site. I'm sure it's excellent coffee, but I don't know very much about it because I'm more of a tea person. I do know, however, that Kenco make very nice glass jars, and these add a touch of class to the storage of nuts & bolts and other small engineering components. So, if I don't know about the coffee or the company, then why am I writing this? The reason is that I wish to save companies and individuals from a fate which I saw Kenco being subjected to on a recent exploration of the Internet. For more about this, link to The Kenco problem.

Meanwhile, if you want to tell me more about the coffee, or the company, or to write a review about what the best types of cream are to have with the coffee, etc, then please e-mail me

Since writing this I have phoned Kenco on the careline number and talked about Internet concepts, and I have been put through to different departments and talked to a lot of people. But what's interesting is that they are all so bright and cheerful and alert. And there is loud rousing classical music on the muzak. You'll find one or two lively people in any company, but at Kenco it seems they are all charged-up. I think it may be something to do with the coffee.