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Learn to Drive

There are distinct advantages to learning to drive, in comparison with the alternative, being a non-driver. Once you have learnt to drive and passed your driving test, then (unless something unfortunate happens) you will have a ticket to drive, for many years to come. This is very handy.

This page has a few helpful links about learning to drive. Initially, just a few, but as time goes on, more.

ALC driving Sleaford Driving Instructor
Lincolnshire: 0781 327 3883

AA Driving Schoolwork in progress

DIA Insurance - Insurance for driving instructors

I Drive Safely - USA driving software

How to Park a Car

Although it is traditional to learn to drive when you are young, (either at the legal age or earlier if on off-road sites), you can still learn to drive at any time in later life. It's not an opportunity that's "missed" just because you've not achieved it at the traditional age.

As far as I know, UK law is such that any person who is a legally qualified driver can teach you to drive (provided they don't charge for it), but practicality is such that you should get a professional driving instructor to give you some lessons, as this helps greatly in passing the driving test!

Wisdom tells that you should not learn to drive from someone to whom you are married.