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There is a bookshop which is worth visiting and knowing about, and it has a branch in most towns in the UK, but it doesn't get much advertising. It's called "The Library" and does quite a good range of books, and the people there are very helpful in trying to find what books you are looking for. There is a computerised indexing system so you can find the ISBN code for any book you'd care to name. Also, they'll let you BORROW the books!, which is very public-spirited of them! and no-one ever grumbles if you never buy a book, or if you go and look through the books there all day and then go and buy from somewhere else!

What's less well known about The Library is that they actually DO sell books. These books on sale at the library are very good value because they're inexpensive and are usually the top-of-the-range hardback binding or in the case of maps plasticised laminated etc. Some erudite volumes of solid knowledge are available for bargain prices. (The "books.jpg" shareware icons at the top of this page are from a digital photograph of a complete Oxford English Dictionary with all the words in the English language, which I bought for five pounds sterling at a library sale!)

Libraries are a good idea and are to be encouraged. There's a much greater level of permanence to libraries than to The Internet.