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Every page at this site is linked to other pages at this site, such that it is always possible to get from ANY page on this site to ANY other page by a series of links.

This means that if you arrive at the site by teleporting in via a search engine rather than going through the front door, you will not be left stranded and unable to find out anything about the rest of the site!

Also, every page on the site (apart from those in the periphery) can be reached from the automatically generated site index and what's new index. Plus, most of the pages link TO the site index and the front page.

There is also a considerable tree structure via categories.

As well as all these structures there is also a widespread ASSOCIATIVE LINKING between items which are related conceptually. This is the sort of thing found in the predictions in Free Association which came from future prediction!

Interlinkedness around the world is encouraged and supported. As well as reciprocal links there is a general policy of linking to all sorts of places. (I have seen sites that have directories in them but no links to the places they mention. This is quite simply DAFT. Sites should link to lots of other sites, and live in hope that other sites will link to them).

The site is spread across many ISPs using a program written here called HTMLISP. This rewires all the links in the site so they all link properly.

There are no broken links within the site because another program, called SENSE (again written here) checks the entire site before publishing and makes sure all the links within the site actually link to other pages. If you ever find a broken link, WELL DONE and I will thank you for pointing it out! See Fault Reporting