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ZSL - London Zoo - and Whipsnade Zoo - the Zoological Society of London

I've visited London Zoo myself, and I can recommend it. As a visitor you get to see animals close-up, animals that you don't normally see at all in the UK. Also, London Zoo is not just an attraction where you can see unusual animals, but it is an academic establishment to study zoology. That's why it's known as ZSL - the Zoological Society of London!

ZSL London Zoo

Don’t miss out on a visit to ZSL London Zoo. With over 650 species to discover, as well as live demonstrations Tigersand fantastic walk-through exhibits, getting you right up close to the animals, this is a fantastic day out for all ages. New for 2010 is Rainforest life, London’s only living rainforest, which takes you on a journey high into the treetops to meet a variety of amazing rainforest species including marmosets, tamarins and sloths and tamandua, and then into the murky depths of the all-new ‘Night Life’ area. GiraffesThere you’ll discover the bats, rats and nocturnal wonders like the Slender Loris, armadillos and Potto who make the dark their home. With all this and much, much more, make sure you visit ZSL London Zoo today!

ZSL Whipsnade Zoo

Escape on an adventure across acres of beautiful English countryside Penguinswith fantastic views across the Chiltern Downs and watch lions, tigers, elephants, hippos and giraffes out and about in huge outdoor enclosures.

New for 2010 – The Beasts are Back at Wild Wild Whipsnade. Travel back to a time when wild beasts walked this land. Where bison herds grazed on England’s verdant pastures and wolf packs and bears hunted in our forests. This land was their home before it was ours and now they’re back!

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More photos of London Zoo follow...

Rain Forest habitat
Tropical rainforest recreated in London Zoo
Reptile House
Reptile House
Globe Sundial
The Sun Globe
Pelicans and Flamingos
Pelicans and Flamingos
The Zoo is being reFURBISHed
The Zoo is being Refurbished