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London Bridge...

The legend of this world-famous landmark inspired someone in the USA to buy the bridge and have it moved to the North American continent and reassembled.

The folklore is that the purchasers believed that they were buying a spectacular structure with a pair of giant ornate exquisitely architectural towers, suspension sections, and a hydraulic lifting central bridge structure which could be raised to allow gigantic sea-going ships to pass beneath. That would have been TOWER BRIDGE, whereas the actual item known as "London Bridge", though historic and world-famous, was in fact a relatively ordinary bridge.

London Bridge having gone West, a new London Bridge was built to replace it. Points of note about the bridge are a plaque saying when it was built (1975?), an excellent view of Tower Bridge, and the indisputable usefulness for getting conveniently across the river without getting wet.

that's Tower BridgeNEWS:

Some stone from the original London Bridge may still be available. More about this here

Plus, whatever happened to SARDS RENTS which were taken over when the new bridge was built? Look further into this

Tower Bridge^

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The old London Bridge is now in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. More about this at Road Trip America.com/places/havasu

What happened was that in 1962 the heavy traffic in London meant the old London Bridge really was falling down, so the British government put the bridge up for sale and asked for offers. The highest bid ($2,460,000) was by Robert McCulloch of McCulloch Oil, and he had the bridge disassembled and transported and rebuilt in Arizona. Although at first the bridge looked a bit out of place, it's now become a major tourist attraction!

The tourist attraction around the new site of London Bridge in Lake Havasu has become like a Theme Park of Britishness, with a collection of quintessentially British things such as London buses, old-style phone boxes, etc. This gives American tourists a chance to visit somewhere with a "British" flavour to it, but without the disadvantage of having to fly across the Atlantic Ocean (and the severe downsides of onerous airport security which has become a curse of the modern age).

UPDATE: The inside story can now be told, thanks to Terry Bedford who writes of his Uncle Ivan... [more]

Meanwhile, near to the site of London Bridge, The Shard is being built!

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