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A free download shareware program for choosing random numbers. If you believe in luck, you may appreciate this: Probabilistic Magic

The UK National Lottery is welcomed to this site!

There's a curious misconception about the UK National Lottery in the idea that the people who run it are supposed to work for nothing. See the Camelot Assumption

In the UK, The Lottery has tended to take the place of the Football Pools in colloquial speech, for example in phrases such as "If I win the Football Pools..." became "If I win The Lottery". The spectacular prize money could be part of the reason for this, but you could still win millions on Vernons , Littlewoods, or Toto Pools! Plus Littlewoods, originally famous for Football Pools now have a Lottery too! The concept and dreaming remains the same: What If You Won?!

There are other gambling links at the gambling page here and other lotteries.

Choosing Your Lottery Numbers. - a crazy online book by Zyra.

If you don't ever buy a lottery ticket, you could still win, curious as it may seem. Someone could give you a ticket as a present.

Also, the idea that you're more likely to be struck dead by lightning than you are to win the Lottery is wrong. The misconception is similar to thinking that 14 ounces is more than 10 kilogrammes.

If you enter for a lottery, you have a chance of winning. But you do not win a fortune on a lottery you've never heard of by receiving some unexpected e-mail. Beware of Congratulations Lottery Hoax messages which aren't what they seem!