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Why you're likely to win more money using the Probabilistic Magic program than by normal means

Using the computer program Probabilistic Magic won't guarantee you will win. Scientifically, your chance of actually winning the jackpot on the National Lottery is about 14 million to one against, and it is no better using this program than by other means. BUT, if you WIN, then if you have chosen numbers that are truly mathematically random, then you have a better chance of keeping all the money yourself rather than sharing it with an indefinite number of other winners, relative to some other methods of choosing lottery numbers. One of the methods which is less good is BIRTHDAYS, as there is a bias on numbers 31 and below. And even worse than that is choosing all numbers in a line. A worryingly large number of other people do that. The trick is to choose numbers which are less likely to have been chosen by other people.