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How the Probabilistic Magic program works

The lucky number computer program Probabilistic Magic works by generating random numbers continuously while it is running. It is the precise splitsecond that you press a key which makes the selection. This makes it YOUR PERSONAL LUCK rather than it being something predefined that you had no control over. There is some similarity with the way the National Lottery machines work, with the numbers bouncing around in chaos until the precise moment a number is selected. The concept of people favouring being in control of their own destiny even if they can't control the actual probability is also manifested in the way that people are generally more afraid of flying than crossing the road, despite the fact that flying is much safer than crossing the road.

The source-code of the program is available for you to look at. From Basic, type LIST. Or ctrl-N LIST ENTER, or for a printout, ctrl-B LIST ENTER ctrl-C.