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Beautiful furniture straight from the makers

Now this is something a bit different. Furniture, available to you, from the people who made it, around the world. In contrast to outlets that used to flog naff mass-produced chipboard, Made.com are in the business of sourcing decent furniture, and getting it to you at a sensible price, rather than having to chalk-up all the profit margins of all the middlemen. In summary, you buy furniture online from Made.com and it's good furniture sent straight to you, for a sensible price, and for the right reasons.

Here's what they say: "Made.com is a unique and innovative way to buy furniture on the internet. By sourcing designs from the freshest industry talent and working directly with furniture makers around the world made.com is able to provide high quality beautiful furniture at a fraction of the price of high street retailers. Made.com also works with the design community by allowing users to vote for their favourite designs and help determine what gets made. In this way, along with batch production, made.com is able to reduce waste and costs and pass the savings along to the customer. New collections are launched every week which keeps the catalogue up to date and the consumer engaged in made.com.


Made.com focuses on furniture and home décor but also features other lifestyle goods that work within the company brand. Furniture and home décor products include: sofas, armchairs, dining chairs, bean bags, side tables, coffee tables, desks, shelves, storage units, lighting, and art. Lifestyle products currently include: bikes and table football.


If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

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