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Manhattan Legal ServicesManhattan Legal Service

Here's the old page: If you live anywhere in the United States and you are having trouble with credit, Manhattan Legal Service may be able to help. This is a company who are specialists in Credit Repair and Credit Restoration. By means of the good work of Manhattan Legal Service you can regain credit worthiness and restore the purchasing power you deserve.

Now in the word of Manhattan Legal Service, "Did you know?...

So, if you would consider having your credit-worthiness restored...

SHUCKS! This is where the link was, but it's now GONE!

Not only has the http://www.manhattanlegalservice.com affiliate program with Commission Junction been discontinued, but even the domain has expired and been taken over by someone else. In such cases, there's not much that can be done, although we'll try to get a replacement credit restoration company added here. Meanwhile, in case it's any help, there are other financial links at the page here: FINANCE

News: We now have a new credit repair agency to show you! See Lexington Law