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Marty's repertoire includes the songs "Young Girl" and "I'll Never Get Over You" which were favourites of loyal fan the late Sue Bourne. He will always remember her when he plays these songs, and she will be sadly missed at his gigs.

Marty is also sad at the recent loss of George Harrison as he was one of his favourite 60s musicians.

Marty owes a lot to his late sister Pat McCafferty because she gave him his first record in 1964 - The Beatles Twist'n'Shout E.P. This started his interest in the music he still plays today.

He has sister Sally and brothers Rick and John who are very dear to his heart and feels his late mum & dad would be very proud of him.

60s music will never die because of its magic - the fact that a lot of original 60s artists are still "gigging" proves Marty's point.

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