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Marty and Sue have fallen in love with the Greek island of Kefalonia booked through tour operators Lunn Poly / Thomson. They have made friends with a few British people and a lot of Kefalonians. Kefalonia is the most mountainous of the Greek Islands and the scenery is spectacular.

They have seen dolphins, golden eagles, Eleanor's falcons, lizards, and many cats and dogs, plus numerous fish. The sea around the island is clear and very refreshing to swim in.

Greek people are very hospitable, and they are looking forward to seeing Marty and Sue on their next visit in October 2002.

They stop at the Hotel Skala in the South Eastern region hosted by Peter, Sophia, Voula and Lukia and the tour supervisor Catriona is always very helpful to them.

A trip to Victor's Sunrise Restaurant on Skala Beach is a must!

Myrtos Beach is very spectacular. Also Skala, Lassi, Poros, Katelios, Symi, and Anti-Symi - to mention a few - have great natural beaches.

Marty and Sue enjoy Monika's special cocktails at the Captain's Bar Skala!

A visit to Sally's Garden Bar in Skala is also thoroughly recommended!

Violet and Petros at Thomson's TARA Beach Hotel, and Vousala at Pegalos Bay are great friends.

Captain Corelli's Mandolin was filmed in Kefalonia in 2001.

Marty has even been recognised as an entertainer while out there! Just goes to show you can't "get away from it" anywhere!

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