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Ladies, eat yourself in shape with the help of Maxitone, part of Maxinutrition. Plus their website is packed with articles, tips, exercise and eating plans.


"Maxitone is part of Maxinutrition and is the UK's leading brand for healthy female weight loss, body toning and well being.

It is just for women, so our website is packed with articles, tips, exercise and eating plans, plus the very finest research proven products just for girls.

Whatever your goal and starting level of health and fitness, the range offers a wide variety of products that meet all female needs:

- Weight Loss range: Sculptress shakes and bars – a range of nutritious low fat, low carb, high protein shakes, bars and capsules. The Sculptress weight loss range is ideal for weight conscious women looking to keep hunger at bay with quality nutrition.

- Toning range: Definity shakes, capsules and bars – the shakes contain Maxitone protein and are perfect for any woman looking to tone up and enhance recovery after exercise. Definity CLA is designed to boost the shaping results obtained from using the shakes alone. They contain pure Tonalin® CLA which is a research proven 'good fat' that helps boost body shaping while supporting fat loss.

- Well Being range: Finesse Omega – packed with essential fatty oils which have been shown in research to help the body function well in many areas that are vital to health, fat loss and physique development.

We have a number of individual ambassadors to the brand including Strictly Come Dancing star Flavia Cacace and Olympic skier Chemmy Alcott.

- Award-winning nutrition

- Safe and research-proven products

- Free Delivery on all orders

- Money-Back Guarantee

- Earn MaxiRewards on each purchase allowing you to save on future orders".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:


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