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T-Shirts For All The Family

We love t-shirts, that stand out from the crowd at Zyra, so we are pleased to feature Meanfellas! All of their tees are designed in house, so you're never left waiting.


"Meanfellas' offers a diverse range of exclusive T-shirts, whilst still maintaining a point of difference in a market that is often overcrowded in certain areas and under-served in others.

By keeping ALL design work in house we can now guarantee that if a customer wants one of our T-shirts they can't go elsewhere for it.

We have made a conscious decision to target the more cerebral T-shirt wearer but avoiding the current vogue for clichéd, crass and tasteless T-shirt designs.

- Literary T-shirts: Our specialist area of exclusive literary designs cannot be matched and its customers are easily identifiable.

- Classic TV T-shirts: T-shirts inspired by the characters, brands and locations in classic TV shows from the UK, US and Australia.

- Sports T-shirts: As only 12 year olds should be seen in public wearing replica kits, our range of are designed as the thinking man's sports T-shirts.

- Geek Humour: Geek, or as we like to call it.... 'educated'. Celebrating the world of technology, sci-fi, comic books, cult films and intellectual debate.

- Political: Political designs and slogans including designs based on many historic politic figures.

- Profanitorium: We have spurned the stupidly crass and offensive T-shirts, we do still like a well-crafted profanity - such as the odd insult in Latin or a bit of the old fashioned British seaside humour of the Carry On films.

- Seasonal: Our seasonal designs are ideal to tap into the gift market, making it easier to target not only the Christmas market, but other potentially valuable gift markets such as Father's Day, Easter, Graduation, St Patrick's Day etc".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

Link Here To Go To The Place!


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