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It's Like Meccano Used To Be

Grab yourself a fantastic construction set from Merkur. It's fun for young and old alike, so when it arrives, take a look for yourself. You might find you want to give the children something else!


"MERKUR is a website established 4 years ago retailing the MERKUR M8 Set which is the most comprehensive construction set on the worldwide market.

It consists of 1,405 parts which include the various metal plates, nuts & bolts, wheels, electric motor and pulleys etc which is just how the Meccano sets used to be many years ago.

This is a great nostalgic journey for many of you older readers who still like building models and using your creative imagination but it is also a great creative toy for children 5 years upwards.

This is a very unique niche product with only 2 construction model set manufacturers in the world, one being Meccano and the other MERKUR.

MERKUR is a well established company of some 100 years plus located in the Czech Republic".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

Link Here To Go To The Place!


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Merkur is described as "Like Meccano Used To Be", so let's see if Merkur will have the star quality that old Meccano used to have, where children learn about engineering and then grow up to have engineering knowledge as second-nature in their adult life. Meccano enthusiasts may be interested to know that Merkur has some differences in comparison to Meccano. Meccano has 5/32inch nuts & bolts with Whitworth threads, 8 gauge axles, and half an inch distance between the holes. Merkur uses metric sizes, but of a similar scale. The nuts & bolts are 3.5mm metric, and a distance between the holes of 1cm.