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The Motley Fool.co.ukThe Motley Fool.co.ukGONE are the days when anything financial had to be awfully formal and conventional! These people at The Motley Fool www.fool.co.uk have a much more bright and interesting view of money, and what's more they've now got ZYRA on their affiliate program!

The Motley Fool

Of course the obvious question is, why is it called "The Motley Fool" when it's about money?, and how can they do so well in business saying things like "Be a Fool!" when the oldfashioned places like... (oops nearly mentioned some of them then) think that you only have credibility in the financial sector if you behave in a frightfully serious conformist manner? Well, read on and then decide for yourself who's the Fool! ...and Join hundreds of other people swapping ideas about subjects as diverse as property investing, football, recipes, pensions, music & jokes.

The aim of The Motley Fool is to tell people the truth about finance, helping them take control of their money and make better financial decisions. For many of us, the financial world is a maze in which the best path is unclear and, however hard we try, it only seems to get more confusing. Deciding which ISA to invest in (and what is an ISA anyway), sorting out a mortgage, figuring out pensions, picking the right bank account or a good company to invest in are some of the many things which The Motley Fool can help you with. The Motley Fools Credit Card Promotion is centred around the opportunity of the chance to win 5000 off your credit card or simply a cheque for 5000!

Bruce Jackson, Co-founder and Managing Director
Motley Fool UK says (2004): "
WIN 2,500 OFF YOUR CREDIT CARD: Award winning money website
The Motley Fool is offering you the chance to win 2,500 off your credit card balance. Given that the average UK household has 7,500 in non-mortgage debt, this is an ideal opportunity for many people to kiss their debt problems good bye. Simply enter your email address on our special promotion page and you could soon be 2,500 better off!. Entry is completely free - there are no strings attached! Don't have a balance on your credit card, or owe less than 2,500? Good for you! But, you can still enter our promotion, and still win the 2,500. We'll just send you a cheque! It's that simple. EVERYONE CAN BE A WINNER As well as having the chance to win 2,500, we'll also show you how to potentially save hundreds of pounds off your credit cards bills. If you owe money on your credit card, we'll show you how you can benefit from the generosity of a select few financial services companies, helping you get your credit card debt under control. DON'T DELAY Everyone can be a winner. Go ahead - entry is free and you've got nothing to lose, except of course your credit card balance!! Good luck, and happy credit card hunting".

Here's what they said some time ago at The Motley Fool.co.uk: "We are an independent company and so we do not recommend one company or one product over another. Instead we will provide you with the information you need in order to make these important financial decisions yourself. If you find that prospect rather scary then don't worry. The information we provide will also enable you to ask all the right questions when getting advice rather than just nodding in agreement because you're dazzled by all the complicated jargon.

The Motley Fool was founded in the USA in 1994 by Tom and David Gardner. The name inspired by Shakespeare's "As You Like It". This homegrown, UK version first hit the Internet in 1997 and we now serve millions of page views every month to hundreds of thousands of individual visitors. You'll find Motley Fool content at many key sites on the web. We make many TV and radio appearances and write regular columns in a number of publications. We have published several books in the UK, including the best-selling Motley Fool UK Investment Guide.

We enjoy helping people make the best of their financial lives and we hope you'll find our service useful and enjoyable too..." ...well actually they've got a lot more to say, about money, about people, about all sorts of stuff. So, how about having a closer look:

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The Motley Fool.co.ukThe Motley Fool.co.ukAnd if you register as "A Fool", via these links, it helps to fund Zyra's interesting website, but it doesn't cost you anything!

The www.fool.co.uk affiliate program (DGM PRO) has a quirky fickle nature and is sometimes there, and sometimes isn't. So, as Zyra's website is in business for the long view, the decision here is to keep the page up, but to try to only link to THE MOTLEY FOOL when the affiliate program is UP! Of course you're welcome to type the address in for yourself, and there are other financial contacts at this site too.